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Your picture shows a chair in red are there any other fabrics available? 
Yes. We use chair manufactures, mainly UK, to supply our chairs. There is a vast selection of fabrics available, as fabrics are manufactured by fabric manufactures not the chair manufactures. We can send you links to key fabric suppliers. 
How small can I make a desk? 
This depends on the application of the desk and equipment you would like to place on it. If you have a double monitor then 1200mm wide is the minimum you can go down to. 
The office is noisy what can I do? 
Think of sound like water, it will escape through any space, however unlike water it will also reverberate. We have lots of good acoustic solutions and sometimes with a bit of space planning we can reduce the noise. See Project Grove Hotel. 
What is Agile Working? 
This is where you have a more flexible approach to how you work in the office or how many days you work in the office. See our blog on this for more in-depth information. 
I would like a height adjustable desk? 
Not a problem we just need to establish what you want it for. Generally crank handle desks go to a height of around 950mm, so these are fine if you want a little adjustment. If you want to stand at a desk then it needs to be electric and these will go to around 1150mm tall. We have a wide selection to meet your needs. See Project BMPA. 
Can I use my office chair at home? 
Yes, however you need to think about the following. If you are using it at the dining table then the table height might be different to your desk height. If you have a stone, wood or vinyl floor you need soft wheeled casters. If you have a carpet it is likely to have a deeper pile than your office carpet so a plastic mat might be a good idea. At the end of the day you need to protect your flooring as it is in your house. 
What finishes are best for chairs in Breakout spaces? 
You have 3 options. A hard finish such as plastic or wood. A faux leather finish or a cleanable fabric. All these finishes will allow for a good scope of products and design within the space and a wide selection of finishes.Click on this text to edit it. See Projects Three Riviers District Council or Galderma. 
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