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In previous blogs we have discussed managing space following a return to the office and what that format will look like. If you find yourself in a position where the lease is nearing its end this might be an opportunity to review, so what do you need to consider. 
Your office is a symbol of your companies values and ethos and when clients and potential employees visit your office, they can gauge the success of your organisation. 

Location, Location, Location 

Starting with your current location, you need to ask the question where are my key staff located, how many of them need to be back in an office and how are they going to get there. Is the business address important to the business success or can the services and products be delivered successfully form somewhere different or through more electronic means. 
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Company Size 

What are the plans for the business over the next 3-5 years?  
Even if you are projecting a growth in staff do you need additional desk space, are you planning a 2 or 3 days’ work from home policy. 
There may not be a requirement for additional desks however you might need to review the number of meeting rooms. 
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Layout & Design 

One of the biggest changes to our working lives is going to be the work life balance. It is pretty clear this will no longer be 5 days spent in an office and research has also shown there is limited appetite for working at home every day. So the balance will be around 2 or 3 days in or out the office, with a review of core hours. 
However some staff may be in every day due to their personal circumstances and other staff might, due to location, work more remotely. Either way there will be a different emphasis put on the office and its use still keeping to its core functions. 
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Pool table and break out space
Connect space with soft seating
Activity Based – Connect – Conference – Co-Working – Concentrate 
Desk sharing will take place, personal storage will be needed and particular attention needs to be paid to the conference and meeting space
In addition to this you must remember square footage is not always square and some spaces do not lend themselves to a conducive layout. At Blue Goose we are able to assist you with the space planning and design. 
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Desks with screens between them

Technology & Infrastructure 

Companies that had a strong IT infrastructure going into the pandemic have proved more resilient during it allowing for staff to work remotely.  
Planning is key, installing fibre optic lines can take up to 8 weeks from BT so it is critical you have this in place before commencing a move. 
Take a good look at the building structure, is there a raised floor access or are you going to have to wall mount power and data.  
It is also an opportunity to review whether a cloud based system might work best for your business going forward. 
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Know Your Budget 

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It is imperative that you know your budget, not only what the costs of the lease are but any additional or add on costs that might come further down the line. 
You also need to factor in any fit-out work, additional or new furniture and a re-location cost.  
If you are engaging with an agent have a good idea as to what the limits are so you do not waste time and effort on unaffordable projects. 

Contingency Plan 

This can fall under a number of areas, starting with the building, is it best to have two options on the table just in case one falls by the wayside? 
Can you get a lease with say a 3 year break clause to allow for expansion or reduction giving you maximum flexibility?  
What are the options on the IT, with working remotely are more of your staff going to be connected over the next 6 to 12 months. 
Finally do you have a bit left in the tank when it comes to a budget, being spent out when the move takes place is not a good place to be? 
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The Blue Goose team are ideally positioned to assist you with these changes in your business. We can take you through the process from planning to delivery of an office and the re-location of the team. Drop us an email or call 01865 920220 
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