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Mixed moss wall at Three Rivers District Council. With different mosses and shades of green
As people return to work there is a drive to make the office space more open and greener, so in this blog we are looking at Moss walls. 

What is a Moss Wall? 

Moss walls fall into two categories, living and preserved, either option adds a natural design element to a space without adding clutter. 
Living moss wall as a strip along the wall
Close up of moss wall with logo
Living moss wall with tables and chairs next to it  in an open reception area

Living Moss Walls. 

Living Moss walls are great, but they do require weekly care, just like any living plant. You'll need a maintenance contract to keep the plants watered, trimmed and replaced as plants reach their natural life cycle end. In addition to this they will need a deeper footprint within the floor space for the irrigation system and planting. 
Living Moss walls will, improve air quality, reduce airborne dust levels, stabilize moister levels and reduce carbon dioxide levels, so there are lots of upsides to this option. You need to consider both light and regular access when selecting the location of a Living Moss wall. 

Preserved Moss Walls. 

A Preserved Moss walls is where harvested moss is cleaned and then preserved with a nontoxic natural resin such as vegetable glycerine.  
Preserved Moss walls offer another dynamic, as they can be dyed, which allows the wall to be designed in such a way to make up a pattern, logo or slogan that enhance the space. 
Although Preserved Moss walls can not offer all the advantages of a Living Moss wall, they need far less space to install and have a long-life span with limited maintenance requirements so cost considerably less. 
Bun moss wall with the slogan Make every day count on it with the moss died to a different colour

With either option there are some key positive outcomes for your office and staff. 

Improved Productivity 
Researchers at Texas A&M University in the United States examined correlations between plants and productivity in the workplace. 
After having researched participants work in different environments, they found that both men and women demonstrated more innovative thinking and solved more problems while working in the space that included flowers and plants. 
Less Stress 
Another study, at Washington State University, measured stress levels in employees at different workstations, they found that participants working in environments with plants were 12 per cent less stressed than participants working at workstations without plants. 
Their study is not the only study that showed similar results. Time and again, researchers find that the presence of plants in workplaces decreases overall stress among employees. 
Noise Reduction 
People have long used foliage to reduce noise and create more peaceful environments. Homeowners who live on busy streets plant trees or shrubs to block traffic noises, and people escape to forests when they’re looking for peace and quiet. 
The same principles apply with moss walls. Vegetation naturally blocks high-frequency sounds while the supporting structure diminishes low-frequency noises. Some studies have shown that plants can reduce ambient noises in offices by as much as 5 decibels. 
Sharper Focus 
Researchers at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester performed an interesting study regarding student attentiveness and plants. They found that students were 70% more attentive when taught in classrooms containing plants. Additionally, attendance was higher for lectures offered in rooms containing plants. 
Bun Moss which has a sphere shape and is light green
Reindeer moss which can be died different colours, it is very open
Woodland moss which is dense and has natural mid to dark green colours

Will a Moss wall work for me? 

As more of our clients return to work there is an increased focus on greening up of the office space and at Blue Goose Interiors we are able to assist with that Greening project whether through preserved or living walls. 
This solution might be tied in with Smart Technology or Agile Working both of which we looked at in an earlier blog. 
Whatever your requirements Blue Goose Interiors are in an ideal position to assist you with the planning and delivery of your space to enable your team to maximise their time in the office, so contact us today. 
Moss wall mounted high on a reception wall, with different shades of green to form a flowing paten
A 'W' shaped logo with moss wall section
Moss in a 1mts square picture frame with logo
Moss in triangular patens next to each other so it looks like a fish
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