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Home office set up with white desk

Working at Home? 

Over the last few weeks many of us will have been asked to work from home, for some that will prove a positive experience for others it will be a little more challenging. Either way the lead in time to achieve this has been limited by the speed at which Covid-19 has evolved and therefore it is likely not all aspects may have been considered. 
As I spend most of my time working from home and I have access to industry thinking I would like to share with you my thoughts on how best to approach home working and I have split these into two easy lists to follow. 
Home office set up with PC on stand
Home office set up with PC on stand

What you need to do 

Routine, it is critical you get into a routine and that includes getting dressed for work. Do not sit there in your PJs and expect to be as productive. 
Set targets, be clear about what you need to achieve. As we look to return to work it will become more obvious what is and is not achievable. 
Communicate. When you arrive in your office it is normal to say good morning or ask your colleagues how the film or the football went last night. So, do the same when at home, let them know when you are stopping for lunch and at the end of the day ask if there is anything else that needs doing. 
Find the space to work. If you are lucky that could be a dedicated space like a spare room, if not you then need to workout what will be the best option for you. Either way try and find somewhere where there is plenty of natural sunlight to benefit your health. 
Take regular breaks. When working from home you will find less distractions and quite often look up to see it is way past your lunchtime. Take time out for your health and well being spend 5 mins every hour stood up or stretching to keep that body on the move and stay hydrated. 
Panel end desk in white
Trestle table in a white finish
Slot together screens for an existing worktop
Black glass table with chrome leg detail

What you need to do it 

Connectivity is key to any homeworking. If you are in an area where you have flaky board band, limited connectivity to the company server or insufficient information on the company server then you will be less productive. 
Once you have identified the work space in your home you need to go about equipping it. The employer is responsible for your H&S. If you have a dedicated space then it is a lot easier then if it is a shared space, like the dinning room table. 
If you are working off a laptop make sure the screen is set at the correct height and use a plugin keyboard and mouse. 
You will need to have a chair that meets VDU standards similar to what you have in the office. However, you must pay attention to the flooring detail. If you are on tiles, vinyl or wood then you need a soft wheel caster on the chair. If you have carpet it will probably have a deeper pile then a commercial carpet and this will inhibit movement. Either way it is best to put down a mat to protect the floor as this is your house and floor. 
If you have a dedicated room or space you can put in a desk to fit that space in a finish that is acceptable. If you are working off the dinning room table then you must check the table height and see if there are any structural parts on the table that will prevent you from sitting under it. Dinning room tables tend to be higher than office desks so a foot rest may be needed. 
Getting it right makes for a more productive time working from home and Blue Goose Interiors have a number of products and solutions designed around home use and are happy to discuss your needs and requirements. 
Unarmed chair with a plastic flexi back
VDU chair with upholstered back and seat
Chair mat for a carpet
Mesh back chair with white frame and base
For further in depth reading please go to these government sites. 
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