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Close up view of a planter in the office
With many of our clients looking at ways to improve their working space and reducing the stress levels a great way forward is to look at Biophilic Design. 

What is Biophilic Design 

Biophilic design uses elements of nature to provide a sense of connection, respite and wellbeing within the working environment. This is about replicating the feelings that natural spaces give us, such as senses of clam, refuge, mystery or discovery using natural analogues. Biophilic Design can achieve this either using natural products or non-natural materials that are inspired by shapes, textures or colours. 
Biophilic Design need not be an entire office but a space within the office, which in itself can be quite small. In our previous blog we looked at Moss Walls, so the space could be quite condensed but still very rewarding. 
Living wall with chairs and tables
Flooring details with green either side of a path
Wall paper that looks like a forest with a sofa in front on a green carpet tile

Examples of Biophilic Design 

Bringing the outside in
One way to bring the outside in is through external windows and skylights. These options may be more problematic as they involve structural change, however when looking at the floor plate of an office thought can be given to natural daylight and views. 
Planting is a great way to bring the outside in, Moss Walls or living walls can provide quite an expanse of natural greenery. This can be tied into general office plants, there are many succulents that lend themselves to the office environment. More medium height storage is designed to take top boxes of plants and this can have an additional benefit of screening space. 
Ventilation has a positive effect, so opening the window, allows for air flow into the space along with the sounds and smells of nature. 
Grass in a top box mounted on a storage cupboard
Wall finish with picture of a wooden jetty going into water. Pebble flooring to look like a beach and soft seating
Mimicking natural patterns, colours and textures: 
Natural patterns like curves, fractals, and geometric shapes provide inspiration for infrastructure and design. In these pictures we have used no natural products but with clever flooring, wall coverings and fabric we have created areas of quiet reflective space. We have even brought nature in on acoustic screens and glazed partitions. 
Flooring offers the widest opportunity to vary the texture however we have added it to work, desk and table top finishes. 
Using natural materials: 
Today there are plenty of opportunities to use natural materials, such as wood and stone over synthetic materials like plastics or polished metals. There is even a drive to look at recycled products, not just on floors and walls but also on desks and work surfaces. 
Wooden planks

Biophilic Design the Benefits 

Nature evokes happiness, so whether you have an office full of living plants or you are mimicking nature the outcome will be the same; a more harmonious work space will lift the spirts and improve the emotional wellbeing. 
Having a healthy state of emotional wellbeing has been linked to an overall increased quality of life, improved happiness and even improves learning performance all of which assists with creativity and productivity. 
Large wall picture of a river and trees. In front there is some low seating
Flooring detail around a drinks area in an office
Acoustic wall panel with a beach scene printed on it
Emotional wellbeing also gives people a deeper sense of belonging and a stronger urge to team build, this has a greater emphasis during the current climate with teams being more isolated. 
Living plants have a number of additional qualities they can bring to the office, by improving air quality and removing toxins, they can also counter the drying effects of heating or AC system. They will absorb sound, thus improving the acoustic value of a space making for a calmer environment where everyone can benefit. Exeter University published a paper on productivity and plants. 
Glass meeting room with bamboo manifestation on it in a light tone
Plant pot with succulent plant in it
Flooring detail in a green and grey shade with natural irregular shape

Blue Goose and Biophilic Design 

Positive Spaces Make People Happier and at Blue Goose Interiors that is what we are aiming to achieve for all our clients. So however big or small your project is contact us and we will work with you to realise its full potential. 
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Picture of lake Lucerne with dinning tables and chairs in front
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